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Balsamic Cooking Sauce - 250ML

Balsamic Cooking Sauce - 250ML

$ 7.75

Balsamic Cooking Sauce with Juniper and Rosemary

The flavor of juniper, rosemary and garlic enhance the finest old-world balsamic vinegar adding a richness of taste to anything you roast or grill. Substituting low sodium tamari for salt adds another depth of flavor while allowing us to keep the sodium content of our Balsamic Cooking Sauce significantly lower than most commercially available sauces.

Our Balsamic Cooking Sauce is excellent for marinating poultry or meats, sautéing vegetables for soups or stews, or bringing out the sweetness of roasted vegetables. It even transforms the simple hamburger into a gourmet treat. Try coating a medley of vegetables with the cooking sauce and roasting them in a moderate oven, or use it sparingly as a dressing for heartier salads.  Our Balsamic Cooking Sauce helps you create your own signature dishes making even the simplest meal special.

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